Advisory Council of Public Health

ACPH Members

Andy Epstein_edit

Andy Epstein, MPH, RN

Term Expires: 2025

Photo of Dr. Charles Homer

Dr. Charles J. Homer, Chair

Term Expires: 2024


Natalia Linos, MSc, ScD

Term Expires: 2025

Photo of Dr. Leonard Jokubaitis

Dr. Leonard Jokubaitis

Term Expires: 2024

Photo of Dr. James Perrin

Dr. James Perrin

Term Expires: 2024

Photo of Rosemarie Roque-Gordon

Dr. Rosemarie Roque Gordon, Vice Chair

Term Expires: 2026

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Our vision is an inclusive community that is healthy, safe, connected and equitable for all!


The mission of the Advisory Council on Public Health (ACPH) is to preserve, protect & promote the physical, mental, and environmental health of the Brookline Community.  We collaborate with partners to reduce health inequities and respond to emerging public health challenges.

ACPH Statement on Racism

As public health professionals, we add our voice to others in Brookline condemning the violent act committed against George Floyd and grieve with his family, his community and our country.  We are not condemning just an individual act, but one that must be understood in the context of our country’s ongoing struggle with racism and violence directed at people and communities of color.  

ACPH Full Statement on Racism (PDF)

ACPH Report on Development, Planning, and Strategy, 2022 - 2023

Report on ACPH Development, Planning, and Strategy 2022-2023 (June 2023) (PDF)

Public Comment Policy

Advisory Council on Public Health's Public Comment Policy (PDF)

Warrant Article Guidelines

If you would like to submit a warrant article related to Public Health, please review the following guidelines.

ACPH Warrant Article Guidelines (PDF)

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