Moderator's Committee on Parking


The Moderator's Committee on Parking was established via a vote under Article 10 of the November 2010 Special Town Meeting. The charge of the Committee includes the following:

  1. Seeking additional data on cars and parking in Brookline, including, but not limited to, a possible question on the town census asking for residents to report the number of cars and how they are housed in Brookline, a survey of owners and managers of multiunit buildings to identify the number of spaces owned, rented, and vacant
  2. Reviewing and analyzing all available data to select the most consistently reliable, accurate, and complete information on ownership of cars and utilization of parking, including the April of 2010 Report of the Selectmen’s Committee on Parking
  3. Investigating the relationship of parking and zoning requirements to dense, open space and the cost of housing with reference to different zoning classifications, both residential and commercial, in order to understand all the zoning implications and impacts as much as possible
  4. Making recommendations for changes in the zoning bylaw with regard to reduction in off-street parking requirements taking into account utilization patterns, proximity to transit and car-sharing, and the different residential patterns and densities of Brookline neighborhoods
  5. Exploring alternative regulatory choices, including but not limited to down zoning, design review, and allowing reduced parking requirements by special permit to deal with parking and development issues raised by Article 10.

This committee will make progress reports to each Annual Town Meeting until its work is concluded.

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