In May of 2005, Town Meeting added Section 6.8.2 to the Town Bylaws, establishing a Selectmen-appointed committee to review all proposals for naming public facilities, with the exception of rooms and associated spaces under the jurisdiction of the School Committee and Library Trustees.

It also authorized the committee to report on its recommendations and, from time to time, initiate its own proposals for naming public facilities. All recommendations are subject to criteria which are established by the committee, approved by the Board of Selectmen, and amended as the Brookline Naming Committee finds necessary. The ultimate authority over the naming of public facilities continues to rest with Town Meeting.

General Criteria

Before making a recommendation on a proposal for the naming or renaming of a public facility, the committee will take into consideration the following naming criteria:

  • A person / organization of excellent reputation and character who/which has set an example of outstanding citizenship and/or has made an exemplary contribution of time, service, or resources to or on behalf of the community
  • A national noteworthy public figure or official
  • An event of historical or cultural significance
  • A significant donation or bequest, establishment of a trust, or other similar action