Olmsted Hill Construction Oversight Committee


The COC consists of 8 members from the following in order to ensure continuity:

  • (2) Fisher Hill neighborhood representatives, consisting of some combination of those serving on the PSC or the representative on the DAT:
    • Gill Fishman (PSC/DAT)
    • Wayne Saker (Longyear Trustees)
  • (1) alternate member:
    • Mike Oates / Pam Lodish (PSC/DAT), (sharing)
    • The Director of Planning and Community Development or designee
      • Joe Viola
  • (1) Select Board Member
    • Betsy DeWitt
  • (1) member of the Building Commission:
    • David Pollack
  • Building Commissioner
    • Mike Shepard
  • (1) at-large member:
    • Kathy Spiegelman (PSC/HAB) / Steve Heikin (PB/HAB), (sharing)


As provided in the Land Disposition Agreement (LDA), a Construction Oversight Committee (COC) was appointed by the Board of Selectmen on March 22, 2011, as the Olmsted Hill Construction Project completed the regulatory process. The COC will meet at least twice monthly or more frequently if specific construction issues warrant.

The charge of the COC includes, as determined by the Board of Selectmen, review of administration of the project, review of compliance with the LDA, and conveying any noncompliance issues to the Building Commissioner for further action.