Parking Committee


  • Jesse Mermell, Co-Chair
  • Bill Schwartz, Co-Chair
  • Michael Gropman, Captain and Town Employee
  • Hsiu-Lan Chang
  • Peter Furth
  • Steve Heiken
  • Jerry Kampler
  • Todd Kirrane, Town Employee

  • Jeff Levine, Town Employee
  • Werner Lohe
  • Sean Lynn-Jones
  • Hugh Mattison
  • Linda Pehlke
  • Alden Riane
  • Mike Sandman
  • Paul Saner
  • Myra Trachtenberg


In order to maximize the effective and efficient use of Brookline’s on- and off-street parking resources for the mutual benefit of local businesses, residents, and visitors, the Board of Selectmen are convening a Parking Committee. This committee is charged with conducting a comprehensive review of policies and regulations related to parking (other than the year-round ban on overnight on-street parking).

The committee will review current parking requirements in the town’s zoning bylaws, the management of on-street and publicly-owned parking, the enforcement of public parking regulations, and the role of town departments, boards and commissions, and other bodies related to parking.

A 12-month time frame is envisioned. During this period, the Parking Committee will provide periodic updates to the Board of Selectmen, the Transportation Board, the Zoning Bylaw Committee, and other town bodies. The work of the committee will require a coordinated undertaking by town staff including Planning, Transportation, and enforcement officials.