Climate Action Plan

In 2018, the Planning Department and the Climate Action Committee recommended an updated Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the Town made up of six strategies for both reducing climate-changing greenhouse emissions (mitigation) and preparing for climate-change impacts (adaptation). This is a working document that will evolve frequently as Town departments, leaders, and the community collaborate on implementation.

Progress Update to Climate Action Committee January 2021 (updated 2/8/2021)

What Is the Goal? 

The Select Board’s Climate Action Committee recommends prioritizing planning to achieve zero emissions by 2050 (no reliance on fossil fuels) Town- and community-wide. Devising this roadmap in the upcoming year, with targets for every five years, is a priority of the CAP. 

Why Zero Emissions by 2050 Matters    |    Where Are We?    |    Methodology and Benchmarks

What Can We Do?

What can we do

Who Is Responsible?

Each strategy consists of (1) municipal actions the Town can take to lead by example, (2) municipal initiatives to benefit the community, and (3) actions everyone—households, businesses, and commercial property owners—can take to achieve community-wide goals.

How To Use This Resource

Click on each strategy below to:

  • Learn how the Town is leading by example
  • Discover initiatives we are launching to reach our goal and our progress as a community
  • Take steps to improve your household, business, or multifamily / commercial property