Brookline Commission for Women


  • Jennifer Goldsmith (2020)                                                                         Acting Secretary                                                  
  • Nicole McClelland (2020)                                                                           Acting Vice Chair                                             
  • Rebecca Stone (2021)                                                                                 Acting Chair                                                              
  • Grace Watson (2020)                                                                                 Acting Treasurer                                           
Pending Reappointment: 
  • Rita McNally
  • Gloria Rudisch


The Brookline Commission for Women (BCW) promotes fair, just, and equal treatment of women and girls in Brookline; advances inclusion and representation of women in all aspects of Town life; and works to achieve cultural, economic, educational, health, legal, political, racial, and social equity for women everywhere.  

The BCW meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm at the Brookline Health Department's Library (2nd Floor, 11 Pierce Street, Brookline, MA 02445).  Please check the Town calendar for posted meeting dates and times.