Brookline Commission for Women


Commissioner Elizabeth Stillman
Elizabeth Stillman (2025)
Photo of Julia Khazan
Julia Khazan (2026)
Lucy Chie headshot
Lucy Chie (2023)
[email protected]

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Neela Kaushnik (2024)

Photo of Hadassah Margolis
Hadassah Margolis (2025)
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Commissioner Aileen Lee
Aileen Lee (2023)
Vice Chair

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An icon represents a featureless human figure
Cynthia Levay-Arnfeld (2026)
Photo of Carol Caro
Carol Caro (2023)
Photo of Meenakshi Garodia
Meenakshi Garodia (2025)
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Commissioner Rebecca Stone
Rebecca Stone (2024)
[email protected]

Commissioners Emeritus

 Dr. Gloria Rudisch


The mission of the Brookline Commission for Women is to promote equity and justice for all women and girls, including all who identify as female.

Our Core Values:

  • Gender Justice: We reject patriarchy, transphobia, and homophobia and work to create a world free from misogyny.
  • Intersectionality: We recognize that race, ethnicity, class/income, and gender intersect to compound discrimination against BIPOC women and girls.
  • Collaboration: We seek to work with other individuals, committees, and groups in Brookline to address issues of gender inequity.
  • Transparency: We act with and in front of the public as an essential part of our work.
  • Determination: We know change will happen only if we consistently name, document, and stand up to inequality, discrimination, and aggression against women and girls.

Our Work:

We advocate on behalf of all women and girls to ensure safety and equal treatment, voice, and participation in Brookline;

We support all women and girls who are struggling and who strive for a better life;

We celebrate the strength, contributions, and diversity of all women and girls.