Campaigns Committee


  • James Fleming, Chair
    Term Expires: 2013
  • Gary Jones
    Term Expires: 2014
  • Barbara Pastan
    Term Expires: 2012
  • Joel Shoner
    Term Expires: 2014


  • Linda Golburgh (Town Clerk Designee) Indefinite 617-730-2012 (Town Hall)
  • Sloan Sable (Board of Selectmen Designee) Indefinite 617-566-2089

Harvard Law School Interns

  • Eli Rosenbaum

Technical Advisory Members of Electronic Reporting Subcommittee

  • Benjamin Vivante, Town Web Developer


As set forth in Sec. 3.1.7(e)(2) of the town bylaws. The responsibilities of said committee shall include the following:

  • Analyzing information provided on campaign finance reports filed by candidates for town office pursuant to Chapter 55 and this bylaw
  • Publicly reporting such information and the results of such analysis
  • Considering and recommending to Town Meeting measures that may be taken by the town to improve upon this bylaw and ensure its effective implementation, and to establish a system of electronic reporting and accessible electronic posting of campaign finance information
  • Considering additional measures that may be taken by the town to improve the process by which town officials are elected
  • Examining the feasibility and potential parameters of a system of public financing with respect to campaigns for town office

Additional activities that may be undertaken by the committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Receiving public comment and conducting public forums concerning the process by which town officials are elected
  • Providing vehicles for publicizing, and working with local media to publicize, information concerning elections and candidates for town office
  • Examining the relationship between campaign finance and appointments to town boards and commissions

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