Brookline has a rich legacy of parks and open space, and its citizens greatly value the open space system and recreation programs. Acquisition of park land for conservation and recreation has been an integral part of Brookline's history for over 150 years. As a result, despite its' urban character and proximity to Boston, Brookline has a substantial and diverse park system, ranging from small neighborhood playgrounds to large historic landscapes and natural areas.

It is the pursuit of Brookline Park and Recreation Commission, Recreation Department and Parks and Open Space Division to contribute to the town's vitality by:

  • Establishing and safeguarding the parks, natural resources, and urban forest that are the heart of the town, ensuring that green spaces are accessible to all.
  • Developing and maintaining excellent parks, sanctuaries, facilities and places for public recreation, building community through play, relaxation, gathering, and solitude.
  • Providing and coordinating recreation services and programs that contribute to the health and well being of residents of all ages and abilities.