Donate a Tree or Bench

Our parks and nature areas continue to thrive largely because of broad based community support. We thank you for your continued contributions of time and money. Donations range from cash to playgrounds, to benches and trees. The town solicits grants and other private and public funds to enhance its efforts and stretch available resources. Many donors feel the Parks and Open Space Division is an excellent mechanism to provide community assets or to make contributions in honor of their loved ones.


Each year the town accepts a number of donations for trees to be planted at a park, in the cemetery or other open spaces. Donors work with the town staff to determine appropriate planting locations. Give a gift that grows. Trees not only memorialize events, they are also your opportunity to improve the environment for future generations. Trees are planted in spring and fall.


Give a gift with a view. Benches provide a place to rest and a peaceful moment to enjoy the natural beauty of our parks. Benches are a very popular donation item for parks, the cemetery and the schools. Appropriate bench locations are coordinated with town staff. Small plaques may be placed on the benches as approved by the Director.

Public Art

The town occasionally accepts installations of permanently-donated or temporarily-loaned art. View the Public Art Guidelines (PDF) for parks and open spaces.

Other Donations

The town also accepts donations for a number of other special projects or needs. Donors can make contributions for park renovations, youth scholarships, a community center, plantings, programs and recreational equipment.

For more information on types of donations / sponsorships, procedures for donating, and our policies, please contact us or view the complete Donation Policy.