Closures & Cancellations

During and following wet weather, the Parks and Open Space Division determines whether or not to close town athletic fields on a case-by-case basis. The division looks at total saturation, player safety and probability of damage to the turf should play be permitted.

Look for signage posted at each field. Field closures apply to all park users including both organized sports and dogs. Help keep our fields safe and in good condition all season long.

Contact Information

The following phone numbers are available 24 hours a day with recorded information on field closure updates and program cancellations due to inclement weather, and other pertinent information:

  • Ph: 617-730-2083 or 617-730-2084 - All Users: These numbers are geared towards organized sports users and other recreational program users. Closures will also be posted in the Recreation Department's Alert Center.
  • Ph: 617-879-4850 - Green Dog Program Users: This number is geared towards off-leash program participants. Closures will also be posted on the Parks and Open Space Division webpage on the Green Dog Field Closures Calendar.