Winter Guide

View the winter guide (PDF).

Public Announcements

Public announcements including "Snow Emergency", "No School" and "Delayed Opening" are reported to the following radio and television stations before 6:15 a.m. of the day in question.

  • WBZ 1030AM
  • TV Channels 4, 5 and 7
Washington Square Clock covered with snow

Cable television customers may visit the following channels for additional information and periodic updates and/or bulletins:

  • Comcast: Channel 24
  • RCN: Channel 13

Normally, the decision will not be made until the early morning hours of that day. Please refrain from calling your Police or Fire Departments for such information as your call may needlessly tie up public safety personnel.

The seasonal information line phone number is 617-730-2610 and may be called 24 hours a day.

Winter Parking

During a declared snow emergency/parking ban, there is NO on-street parking in the Town of Brookline. This includes all parking meters regardless of overnight parking permits. Residents with permits to park overnight in Town-owned lots are not required to move their vehicles until 9am after the parking ban is lifted.

As always, there is no overnight parking on the streets of Brookline.

It's the Law

In 1987, Brookline town meeting voted a bylaw to require property owners to "maintain sidewalks contiguous to their property in a non-slippery condition suitable for pedestrian travel by clearing all snow and ice from a pathway at least 36 inches in width." The Town of Brookline will continue to enforce this bylaw to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians within the town.

Single family and residential buildings occupied by less than 5 families must comply with this bylaw within 30 hours of a storm's end. Multi-family property owners and businesses must comply within 3 hours. If you fail to comply with the town's sidewalk bylaw, you could be issued fines ranging from $25-100 per day.


For more information regarding snow emergencies, towed vehicles, or to report an unplowed or icy street or to report an unshoveled or icy sidewalk, please call our seasonal information line at 617-730-2610, 24 hours a day.

Have You Shoveled?

Immediately after a storm, DPW pushes snow banks back to the curb line in order to provide for adequate storage space for future storms. Please consider this timetable when you open your driveways or clear your front walkways and sidewalks so that you may not be disappointed when a snowplow passes by after the snow has stopped falling.

If you own a property or business, please remember to do the following:

  • Maintain all sidewalks abutting your property or business in a non-slippery condition free of ice and snow.
  • If you are out of town, or are unable to clear ice and snow due to physical limitations, please be sure to have someone else prepared to maintain the sidewalk for you.
  • Clear openings at intersections and crosswalks so pedestrians can cross safely.
  • Always have a supply of ice-melt (CaCl2 or KCL) on hand and apply frequently after a storm and during the winter season to prevent snow from packing down and forming ice.
  • Whenever possible, please help to assist your Public Safety Departments by clearing catch basins and snow covered fire hydrants adjacent to your property. Remember, every second counts during an emergency.

Shovel Our Snow Program

The Brookline Recreation Department is pleased to announce the return of the "Shovel Our Snow Program" that provides residents of Brookline with the names of young people who are willing to shovel snow this winter. This is strictly a referral program. It will be the responsibility of the youngster and/or youngsters parent or guardian to negotiate an appropriate fee. Please call 617-730- 2069 for more information.