Local Historic Districts

There are 8 Local Historic Districts in Brookline: Chestnut Hill North, Cottage Farm, Crowninshield, Graffam-McKay, Harvard Avenue, Lawrence, Pill Hill, and Wild-Sargent. Most modifications to the exterior of buildings in these LHDs require review by the Town to ensure that they are appropriate to the historic character of the LHD. View the Local Historic District Case Reports and click on the names of any of the LHDs to see a map of properties within their boundaries. You can also find detailed information about each LHD at the links below.

Chestnut Hill North Local Historic District

Cottage Farm Local Historic District

Graffam-McKay Local Historic District

Harvard Avenue Local Historic District

Lawrence Local Historic District

Pill Hill Local Historic District

Wild-Sargent Local Historic District

Crowninshield Local Historic District

Design Review Process

The design review process begins only when an application (PDF) for a Certificate of Appropriateness, a Certificate of Non-Applicability, or a Certificate of Hardship, accompanied by plans, elevations, and specifications, as may be relevant to the case, is submitted to the Preservation Commission office. Consultation with Preservation Commission staff before submitting an application in encouraged to provide familiarity with your property and give advice on appropriate approaches. A preliminary site visit or meeting may be requested by staff. Please contact staff if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.

Design Guidelines

For more information about Brookline's 8 Local Historic Districts, design review principles, and the review process, as well as maps and frequently asked questions, please refer to the Design Guidelines (PDF) for Local Historic Districts.

 Meeting Dates and Application Filing Deadlines
The Preservation Commission typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Application deadlines are exactly three weeks before the meeting. Please note that only complete applications will be placed on an agenda. *Please note that due to Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, the Preservation Commission will meet on Monday, April 8, 2019.

Preservation Commission
 Meeting Dates 2019
Application Deadline
 (must be received before 12 PM)
Tuesday, January 8Tuesday, December 18
Tuesday, February 12Tuesday, January 22
Tuesday, March 12Tuesday, February 19
*Monday, April 8 *Monday, March 18
Tuesday, May 14Tuesday, April 23
Tuesday, June 11Tuesday, May 21
Tuesday, July 9Tuesday, June 18
Tuesday, August 13Tuesday, July 23
Tuesday, September 10Tuesday, August 20
Tuesday, October 8Tuesday, September 17
Tuesday, November 12Tuesday, October 22
Tuesday, December 10Tuesday, November 19