Leaf Blowers

The Leaf Blower By-Law applies to property owners and managers, residents, businesses and hired landscapers. Hired landscapers must be permitted annually by the Town.

Livable Neighborhoods

Town Meeting passed a Leaf Blower By-Law in order to reduce emissions and noise created from leaf blower use. The by-law regulates when gas-powered leaf blowers may be used and the maximum decibel level allowed. The goal is to eliminate the use of gas-powered leaf blowers outside of heavy leaf litter collection periods. The regulations are intended to support livable neighborhoods through greater compliance and improved enforcement.

Leaf Blower Use

Article 8.31 Town By-Law holds that: 

Property owners/managers are CO-RESPONSIBLE for compliance with the By-law. Both are subject to penalties following any violation.

Property owners/managers are not only responsible for the compliant operation of leaf blowers on the property they control, but also on contiguous sidewalks and streets.

On land parcels of 7,500 sq. ft. or less in size, a maximum of two leaf blowers may be used simultaneously.

Town Exemption:

The Department of Public Works is exempt from the Article 8.31 By-Law.

Seasonal Ban for Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Dates Prohibited*:

Jan. 1 - March 14,
May 16 - Sept. 30

Dates & Hours Permitted*:

March 15 - May 15
Oct. 1 - Dec. 31

Between the hours of:
Monday - Friday: 8AM - 8PM
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 9AM - 6PM

*Electric leaf blowers are allowed year round during the permitted hours.

Enforcement Procedures

The DPW is responsible for complaint handling and monitoring, as well as enforcement coordination with the police.

Leaf blower violations should be reported to:

Department of Public Works
Mon. – Fri.
7AM – 3PM


(After business hours)
Brookline Police Department

The DPW will contact and inform property owners/managers if a violation has been reported to have taken place on their property, as well as any hired landscaper involved. When applicable, violations will be issued to both the property owner, as well as the hired landscaper involved.

Violations are subject to the following penalties in each calendar year:

  • First Offense: Written warning
  • Second Offense: $50
  • Third Offense: $100
  • Each Subsequent Offense: $150

Commercial Landscapers

List of Permitted Commercial Landscapers

Commercial/Private landscapers are required to receive an annual permit and pay an application fee of $25 prior to operating leaf blowers in the Town of Brookline, MA. All permitted landscapers will be listed on the DPW website. We recommend that residents review this list prior to selecting a landscape company.

Follow this link for Permit Applications.

Permit stickers must be clearly visible and affixed to the rear bumper of landscape company vehicles that are not clearly marked with company contact information; including name, address and phone number. While recommended, it is not required that companies that have clear identification on their vehicle affix the permit sticker to the commercial vehicle rear bumper.