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  1. Brookline Town Seal

    Brookline's Task Force to Reimagine Policing Utilizing Survey to Guide Its Work

    The Task Force to Reimagine Policing in Brookline announces that approximately 25,000 residents will be invited to provide feedback on policing and public safety in town. Tufts University is conducting the survey. Read on...
  2. covid-19

    Brookline COVID-19 Testing Site

    The Brookline Department of Public Health has partnered with mPathy LLC to establish a COVID-19 testing site in town, which will open on Nov. 2 at the Public Health building. for town residents, Public Schools of Brookline students, and teachers. Read on...
  3. townseal

    Special Town Meeting starts 11/17/20

    Special Town Meeting starts on 11/17/2020. The Warrant, Article Explanations, Combined Reports and Virtual Meeting Information are all in the Town Meeting files section. Special Town Meeting Files...
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