Oct 18

Brookline Place Construction

Posted on October 18, 2015 at 6:53 PM by Kara Brewton

Boston Children's Hospital submitted their Construction Management Plan for review, and plans on beginning to prepare the site for construction in November. The first phase includes demolition of the Two-Four Brookline Place buildings. Parking will be provided on that portion of the site while the garage is demolished and replaced with a larger garage, after which construction on the new buildings will begin. The Planning Board will review final facade plans on Thursday, October 22nd at approximately 8:15 pm in Room 111, a requirement prior to the issuance of the demolition permit.

Mar 24

Brookline Place approved March 5th

Posted on March 24, 2015 at 5:43 PM by Kara Brewton

To all those interested in Brookline Place:

The Board of Appeals voted to approve the various Special Permits for Brookline Place on March 5th. Related documents (including the final written decision) will continue to be posted on the Town's Brookline Place project page as they become available. A project update (a Notice of Project Change) has also been filed with the state Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act office. The Town will continue to discuss various design options for the Pearl Street reconstruction at the Transportation Board - the next meeting to discuss this will likely be in May. I will send out another email once that is scheduled. The Boston Children's Hospital team is now working on construction drawings and documents. I will post the Construction Management Plan once that is submitted - likely also in May. Boston Children's Hospital anticipates a construction start by this fall.

Call Kara Brewton with any questions at 617-730-2468.
Mar 03

Board of Appeals March 5, 7:15pm

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 9:07 AM by Kara Brewton

The 1-5 Brookline Place / Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) project will be heard by the Board of Appeals on Thursday, March 5th, 7:15 pm, 6th floor Selectmen's Hearing room.  Some of the 30 draft special conditions include:
- a required affidavit of LEED-Silver equivalent construction compliance prepared by a LEED accredited professional and/or project architect prior to the issuance of the final Certificate of Occupancy
- 70 secured and sheltered bicycle parking spaces  with employee shower facilities
- annual Transportation Demand Management plan report and  an annual Transportation Access Plan Agreement permit from the Building Department, including a 35% employee drive-alone mode split goal
- other agreements per last Town Meeting discussion such as the use of the pedestrian easement area for community events, overnight parking availability for residents, Brookline Residents Permanent Employment Program, etc.

BCH met with the Transportation Board twice to discuss the design of the Pearl Street reconstruction, per the direction of both the Planning Board and Transportation Board. A final conceptual design is likely to be presented to the Transportation Board in April.

Boston Children's Hospital gave the Town funding for the pedestrian bridge demolition on Route 9, and Town DPW staff is now working on construction and bid documents so that the bridge demolition can take place early this summer.

Updated presentations are uploaded at the Town's project webpage here.