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Aug 09

Housing and Community Development Needs Survey

Posted on August 9, 2019 at 10:46 AM by Meredith Mooney

Please help us understand Brookline’s housing and community development needs by completing this survey.
Every five years, the Town of Brookline develops a Consolidated Plan which acts as a roadmap for how the Town will utilize its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and HOME Partnership Investment Program funds. These funds support projects and programs that primarily serve the Town’s low-and moderate-income residents. It’s important to hear from you so that the Town can identify the most important housing and community development needs in Brookline and to help develop strategies to address them! Please complete the survey by September 30, 2019. Completed copies of the survey can be dropped off at the Department of Planning and Community Development in Town Hall at 333 Washington Street.

Complete the survey online here, or access printable copies of the survey here.
Mar 09

Purchase BROOKLINE ALL GREEN for nearly the same price as Eversource

Posted on March 9, 2018 at 12:31 PM by Maria Morelli

Eversource, which changes its supply rates every six months, announced a price increase for the February to June 2018 period. That increase means Brookline Green Electricity prices, fixed through January 2020, are even  more competitive. For just $1.86 more per month, a typical household can purchase 100% renewable energy compared to Eversource Basic Service.* 

Even if you are already enrolled in our program, consider Opting Up to 100%. Read why our program is different from other green programs. You can even Opt Up Online. Brookline is making access to renewable energy easier than ever.

*Eversource residential rate is $0.1288 per kilowatt hour for Feb-Jun 2018 period. Brookline All Green (100% renewable) is $0.13157 per kilowatt hour for all rates through Jan 2020. A typical household consumes about 600 kWh per month.Visit for more information. 

Brookline Green Electricity
Town of Brookline - Community Choice Aggregation

Feb 13

Brookline Green Electricity: Tax Deduction Calculator

Posted on February 13, 2018 at 3:07 PM by Maria Morelli

It’s tax season! As you know, Brookline Green Electricity includes 25% more renewable energy than is required by law, which is supplied to the Town’s electric supplier, Dynegy, by a non-profit third party called Mass Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy). What you may not know is that the portion you pay per kilowatt hour for the additional renewable energy electricity ultimately goes to this non-profit and therefore may be eligible for a tax deduction.

To generate a receipt for tax preparation, visit the link below to use our tax deduction calculator. 

If you purchased 100% renewable energy, Mass Energy will mail you a receipt for tax preparation purposes; therefore, you do not need to generate a receipt via this calculator.

Brookline Green Tax Deduction Calculator

Visit to learn how you can Opt Up to 100% at a competitive price!

Disclaimer:  The Town of Brookline, Dynegy, and Mass Energy do not provide tax advice. Mass Energy has devised this calculator. The Town of Brookline is not responsible for any calculation errors. Please consult with your tax advisor about your tax eligibility status. It is assumed that you have paid your electric bill in full. For the Brookline Green 25% product, 0.7 cents of the 0.11.098 cents paid per kilowatt hour is paid to Mass Energy for the additional renewable energy. For the Brookline All Green 100% product, 2.8 cents of the 13.198 cents per kilowatt hour is paid to Mass Energy for the additional renewable energy.