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Mar 24

Plastic Bottle Ban in Brookline Survey

Posted on March 24, 2016 at 12:34 PM by Stephanie Orsini

In May 2015, Brookline’s Annual Town Meeting proposed adding a new Town By-Law, Article 8.35, which would impose a ban on the sale or distribution of bottled drinking water. Only one section of the proposed By-Law was approved by Town Meeting in 2015. Section 8.36.2 of the Bottled Water By-Law prohibits the use of Town funds to purchase bottled water for use in Town buildings. The Selectmen’s Bottled Water Study Committee is charged with preparing a report to the May 2016 Town meeting that will show if banning plastic water bottles and even all plastic bottles is feasible and will be beneficial to the Town.

Please help us understand how you feel about this issue in a quick survey! This survey is completely anonymous and closes on Thursday, April 7th. Thank you for participating!

Access the online survey here.