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May 12

Brookline Celebrates National Public Works Week

Posted on May 12, 2015 at 2:54 PM by Stephanie Orsini

The week of May 17-23, 2015 marks the annual celebration of National Public Works Week (NPWW), which is sponsored by the American Public Works Association (APWA) to raise awareness of the vitally important contributions of public works professionals and the crucial role that infrastructure, facilities, and services play in the quality of life in all communities.

One event highlighting the week will be a DPW Open House.  Over 500 third grade students in the Brookline school system will have the opportunity to tour the Municipal Service Center, located at 870 Hammond Street, Brookline.  Students will be touring the facility on Tuesday May 19th beginning at 8:30am and continuing through the school day.  Also, the DPW Open House will be extended to the public from 12:00PM-6:00PM.

The attendees will get to experience the functions of our Engineering and Transportation, Highway and Sanitation, Park and Open Space and Water and Sewer Divisions. They will learn how to recycle, compost, plant, how street signs are made, touch the equipment and trucks used by the DPW, see the robotic sewer pipe camera in action, how to survey and lots more!

This year’s theme is "Community Begins Here.”  There would be no community without the quality of life public works provides. There would be no community to police and protect, no public to lead or represent.  Public Works allows the world as we know it to be.  The 2015 National Public Works theme speaks to the essential nature of Public Works services in support of everyday quality of life