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July 10, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Town Hall - Room 408
333 Washington Street
4th Floor

Brookline, MA 02445
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Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Brookline Town Hall, Room 408

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pedestrian Advisory Committee

July 10, 2019

7 PM

Brookline Town Hall, Room 408


[The agenda items below may be considered in a different order from that shown.]

  1. Public Comment Period for Issues not on the agenda
  2. Review of minutes of June meeting
  3. Update on Pedestrian-Friendly Street Lighting planning
  4. Question of when it’s appropriate for a Committee member to make public comments that differ from the Committee’s approved position (example: e-scooters)
  5. Proposal to Recommend Modification to Traffic Rules & Regulations to Require “Daylighting” in North Brookline
  6. Follow-up to June Discussion with Dan Martin on Walk Signal Timing Issues

Report from meeting & exchanges among David Trevvett, Dan Martin, and Todd Kirrane on signal phasing issues

Mockup specification for how we want a sample intersection to work, to be submitted to manufacturer to see what is possible

Recap of Beacon intersections with issues we would like to see addressed

  1. Potential Proposal to Place All Walk Signals on Recall – Initial Discussion

By itself, would this change help pedestrians significantly?

What other changes do we want to be part of the recommendation?

  1. Walk Signal Project – Status of data collection, report preparation, next steps

Consideration of what we consider to be our major findings

Question of whether to provide two separate reports: (a) timing & phasing issues, and (b) inventory of existing facilities, functions, and operational status

What actions we would like the Transportation Board and/or Transportation Division to take as a result of our findings

  1. Status of process to fill the current PedAC vacancy

10.  Time permitting: Updates on other ongoing matters as needed

11.  Committee housekeeping concerns

Next PedAC meeting: September 11

12.  New business