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November 9, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Meeting ID: 847 1898 7314 Passcode: 568146 1 (646) 558 8656 Meeting ID: 847 1898 7314 Passcode: 568146
Brookline, MA 02445
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Pedestrian Advisory Committee, via ZOOM

Monday, November 9, 2020

Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting

November 9, 2020  7 PM  Remote via Zoom     Meeting ID:     847 1898 7314    Passcode: 568146

1 (646) 558 8656   Meeting ID:     847 1898 7314    Passcode: 568146

  1. Public Comment Period for Issues Not on the Agenda
  2. Review of Minutes of October 14, 2020 Meeting
  3. Welcome New Committee Members
  4. Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PedAC) Document Repository

A partial tour of the document repository that the Chair is currently constructing

Discussion of its organization, content, and utility

  1. Committee Resources, Pending Tasks and Roles Needed – General
  2. PedAC and the Transportation Board – Discussion with Jonathan Kapust

Relationship between this Committee and the Board

What kind of Committee input best helps the Board and our Board liaison

Any topics we’re not addressing that the Board wants us to take on

  1. Organizing Proposed Studies of Encroaching Hedges and Construction Site Obstructions 

[Examples of tasks: (a) Go through BrookONLine reports, pull out instances of hedge or construction encroachment; (b) create checklists from those and other public input received; (c) review Planning & Economic Development list of current development projects in Brookline; (d) visit and document problem sites; (e) reach out to other groups for input; (f) systematically check north Brookline sidewalks in person ]

  1. Updates and Follow-up from Previous Meetings, Other Committees

Soofa and Economic Development have requested feedback on Soofa signs. What would we like to tell them?

Updates, if any, from Bicycle Advisory Committee, Sustainable Transportation Working Team, Shared Mobility Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee hearings

  1. Committee Housekeeping Concerns

Next meeting:  December 9

10.  New business

Suggestions for future meeting topics, issues to tackle, areas of focus