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November 19, 2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Brookline, MA 02445
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Pierce School Council Meeting, 11/19/2020 Zoom link below

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Pierce K-8 School

School Site Council Meeting Agenda/Minutes

November 19 , 2020 Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Meeting Norms

  1. Assume positive intentions

  2. Equity of voice

  3. Respect for all perspectives

  4. Start and end on time

Brookline School Committee Section C General School Administration 

Members Present:



Community Partners: 

Task Manager:

Note Keeper:


Agenda Topic/Item

Tools/Resources/Guided Questions


  • Welcome

    • Review of Norms

    • Review of Agenda

5:05 pm

  1. Shout Outs 

  1. Updates/Discussion

    1. Pierce Bldg Project Update

      1. Share timeline

      2. Update on Designer Selection Process

    1. Share draft SIP goals, action steps and process for Educator and SC engagement and review

    1. Share Brookline School Council Data

    1. Membership Review

      1. Suggested next steps for teacher membership (Lesley)

      2. Suggested next steps for parent/community membership (Tiffany)

SHOUT OUT to Marlie for taking incredibly informative, yet concise notes at each meeting.--LRM


  • Close

  • Review Next Steps

  • Possible agenda items for next mtg

  • Open Comment (1 minute or less)

From 10.22.20 Mtg:

  1. Parents checking in about membership

  2. LRM finding out about the timeline of construction

  3. LRM checking in with staff membership

  4. LRM gathering data about other school councils

  5. Everyone looking over the goals and seeing if we can use them


The School Committee recommends that each School Council be composed of:

a. the school principal or headmaster who will serve as co-chair;

b. four teachers, elected by the professional staff of the school;

c. four parents, elected by the parents of the respective schools, with elections

conducted by the PTO Executive Board in consultation with the principal. No more

than one member of the PTO Executive Board will be an elected member of the

School Council.

d. two non-parent community persons, selected by the principal from

interested citizens, and

e. at the High School, one student, elected by the student council. At his/her

discretion, the Principal may invite up to two members of the 7th or 8th grade classes to

participate as fully as possible in individual meetings.

Every attempt should be made to have School Councils broadly representative of racial and

ethnic groups.

  1. DRAFT District Goals for SY 20-21

Goal 1: Every Student Achieving

Ensure that every student meets or exceeds Brookline’s high standards and eliminate persistent gaps in student achievement by establishing educational equity across all classrooms, schools, and programs.

With teacher support, identify “essential curriculum” and learning standards.These learning standards highlight grade level learning expectations, skills for mastery, and introduce future content. (Essential Curriculum)

Goal 2: Every Student Invested in Learning

Increase every student’s ownership of his/her learning and achievement by using rigor, relevance, and relationships to foster a spirit of inquiry and the joy of learning.

Instruction is delivered using culturally responsive strategies that honor/recognize students’ identities while providing entry points for all students into the grade level content. Instructional strategies encourage student agency. (Cultural Competence & Anti-Racism)

Goal 3: Every Student Prepared for Change and Challenge

Instill in every student the habits of mind and life strategies critical for success in meeting the intellectual, civic, and social demands of life in a diverse, ever-changing, global environment.

SEL skills across the 5 core competencies will be clearly articulated including developmental benchmarks and indicators. Develop procedures for accurately understanding students’ social-emotional functioning and growth throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  (Social-Emotional Learning)


Goal 4: Every Educator Growing Professionally 

Foster dynamic professional learning communities that inspire inquiry, reflection, collaboration, and innovation, and use data to improve teaching, advance student learning, and refine the programs and practices of the Public Schools of Brookline.

Support educators across the district with implementation of content defined in the Essential Curriculum. Provide professional development opportunities that exemplify best practices, prepare and support educators to be fluid and effective as they navigate both in-person and remote learning. (Professional Development)