Key Contacts


Brookline, MA 02445

Name Title Email Phone
Jett, DrPH, MSc, Dr. Swannie Health Director 617-730-2300
Bennett, Dan Building Commissioner 617-730-2100
Brady, Tom Conservation Administrator   617-730-2088
Brewton, Kara Economic Development Officer 617-730-2468
Franconi, Jeana A. Finance Director 617-730-2020
DiPietro, Michael Comptroller   617-730-2022
Ditto, Peter Engineering / Transportation Director 617-730-2138
Dobek, Ruthann Council on Aging Director   617-730-2777
Slymon, Sara Library Director   617-730-2360
Gallentine, Erin Chute Parks and Open Space Director 617-730-2088
Geanakakis, David Purchasing   617-730-2195
Gellineau, Lloyd Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relat 617-730-2326
Goff, Melissa Deputy Town Administrator 617-730-2205
Johnson, Kevin Highway Director 617-879-4904
Kirrane, Todd Transportation Administrator 617-730-2140
Kleckner, Mel Town Administrator 617-730-2200
Bott , Andrew Schools Superintendent   617-730-2401
McCabe, Gary Assessor - Chief 617-730-2060
McGroarty, Bill Veterans Director   617-730-2112
Lipson, Andrew Police Chief   617-730-2222
Pappastergion, Andrew DPW Commissioner 617-730-2166
Selkoe, Polly Planning - Director-Regulatory Planning 617-730-2126
Steinfeld, Alison Planning and Community Development Director 617-730-2130
Stokes, Kevin Information Technology - Chief Information Officer   617-730-2003
Sullivan, John F. Fire Chief   617-730-2272
Viola, Joe Planning - Director-Community Planning   617-730-2125
Vivante, Ben Web Developer   617-730-2061
Ward, Patrick Town Clerk   617-730-2010
Yang, Feng Information Technology - IT Applications   617-730-2005
Zecha, Frank Retirement Director 617-730-2028