Can I limit a remodeling project to items of my own choosing?
Applicability of the stretch energy code to renovation projects is limited to the extent of the work. For example, if windows are being replaced, then the windows must meet the code’s standards and any exposed wall cavity must be filled with insulation to the required level. But, the remainder of the building would not be required to be upgraded. Similarly, if a ceiling or wall cavity is opened, then the required level of insulation must be installed, but the remainder of the building’s ceiling and wall cavities are not required t o be upgraded with insulation. If you are replacing your boiler, you would be required to install 1 that meets the stretch code standard, but you would not be required to upgrade the building insulation. Also, certain work is exempt, including re-roofing, installation of storm windows, and alterations involving less than 50% of light fixtures in a space.

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7. Can I limit a remodeling project to items of my own choosing?
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