What is a Tax Classification Hearing?
The FY 2015 Tax Classification Hearing was held by the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the Selectmen's Hearing Room. The hearing is held pursuant to the requirements of General Laws Chapter 40, Section 56 and is held annually prior to a vote on the matter of shifting the tax levy between the major classes of property and determining the percentages of the levy to be taken by each class. The selectmen will also consider the adoption of certain class exemptions, including the residential exemption. The Board of Assessors will make a presentation at the beginning of the hearing.

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1. I’m a new owner. Why did I receive my tax bill in the former owner’s name?
2. How do market conditions affect my assessment?
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4. What is a Residential Exemption?
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10. What is a Tax Classification Hearing?
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