What happens if I don’t pay the bill?

If an excise bill is not paid within 30 days from the issue date, the Treasurer/Collector will send a demand, with a fee for $5.00. In addition, interest will accrue on the overdue bill at an annual rate of 12% from the day after the due date.

If the demand is not answered within 14 days, the Treasurer/Collector may issue a warrant to the Deputy Tax Collector which carries a $10.00 fee.

The Deputy Tax Collector will issue a warrant notice at a cost of $12.00. If there is still no response, a final warrant will be delivered to the taxpayer at their residence or workplace, at a fee of $17.00.

If no payment is made, the taxpayer’s vehicle registration and operator’s license will be “marked” for nonrenewal at the RMV.

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