What if my payment was not credited to my account?

If you paid with your bank’s online banking and your payment is not credited to your account within two weeks, a written request for research must be accompanied by a copy of the canceled check, both front and back. Your online transaction with your bank produces a paper check without the remit portion of the tax bill. The paper check is posted manually to the bill number you provided in the account field. Fax, mail or e-mail us the copy. Fax: (617) 730-2305, Address: 333 Washington Street, Room 101A, Brookline, MA 02445, or email: [email protected].

 In the future, DO NOT use your bank’s online banking system to pay Town bills. Pay on the Treasurer/Collector’s Invoice Cloud webpage.

If you paid by check, a copy of the cancelled check must be provided along with a letter of request that we research your misapplied payment. Fax, mail or e-mail us the cancelled check copy.

If you paid by cash, the original receipt (copies not accepted) from your cash transaction must be provided along with a letter of request that we research your misapplied payment. It is best not to mail the original receipt so it does not get lost in the mail.

If you paid via the Treasurer/Collector’s  Invoice Cloud webpage, please provide a copy of the email receipt issued as a result of the online transaction. Occasionally a customer will enter the incorrect bill number and pay someone else’s bill.

If charges have been incurred they will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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