What is a demolition delay? Why do I have to wait to demolish my house?

A demolition delay is a hold that prohibits any demolition permits from being issued for a property for a specified amount of time.  In Brookline, a demolition stay is triggered when any full or partial demolition is proposed on a house that is found to be historically/architecturally significant. For most properties, the demolition stay is issued for 12 months.  For properties listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places, the demolition stay is 18 months.

The purpose of a demolition stay is to give the applicant time to consider alternatives to demolition. If an applicant would like to lift their demolition stay early, they can work with the Preservation Commission to submit a design and go through a design review process. The demolition stay thus serves as an incentive for applicants to work with the Commission to improve the quality of new construction or partial new construction.  

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7. What is a demolition delay? Why do I have to wait to demolish my house?
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