I am a local neighbor, what can I expect in terms of lighting?

With increased vendor activity and infrastructure onsite, the USGA is committed to ensuring the grounds of The Country Club are a safe and secure environment. The USGA has contracted with a security team that is responsible for providing daytime and overnight protection of the golf course and associated infrastructure. To assist nighttime security, temporary and portable light towers have been installed around the golf course to provide adequate lighting for security personnel to perform their necessary duties. The Country Club and the USGA are sensitive of the potential impact light towers can have on neighboring residences. Should light towers be causing any unwarranted lighting issues to residents (i.e. strong lights shining into residential windows), please contact [email protected] with your name, phone number and home address. The USGA will make every effort to reposition the light tower(s) in question. As security of The Country Club is a primary concern, the USGA sincerely appreciates local residents understanding of the championship’s comprehensive security plan.

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5. I am a local neighbor, what can I expect in terms of lighting?
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