Who is the USGA working with to define the Priority Program?

The USGA, The Country Club, and the Town of Brookline are motivated to establish a “Priority Program” for the 2022 U.S. Open Championship to engage and support Brookline based businesses and create opportunities for residents seeking part-time employment, with a focus on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. In conjunction with the Town of Brookline and The Country Club, the USGA has created the “Open Works Program” that will allow diverse and local businesses and residents to receive priority for the championship’s labor and supplier needs.

Furthermore, to support spending and economic activity within the Town of Brookline, the USGA will work with the Brookline Chamber of Commerce and other special interest groups and/or committees to promote, encourage supporting, and patronizing Brookline-based businesses and areas of interest before, during, and after the U.S. Open Championship as staff, vendors, suppliers, volunteers, fans, and other championship attendees visit the Town of Brookline.

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1. What is the USGA’s commitment to the Town of Brookline to establish a Priority Program for local businesses?
2. Who is the USGA working with to define the Priority Program?
3. What is the Open Works Program? How does a business or individual get involved with the U.S. Open?
4. What type of business opportunities or labor/employment opportunities exist in the Open Works Program?
5. What is the USGA doing to address supplier diversity?
6. I am looking for part-time work. How do I get involved with the U.S. Open Championship?
7. How will the U.S. Open impact my local business?
8. What is the economic impact a U.S. Open has on the local and regional communities?
9. Can I use the U.S. Open, USGA, and/or The Country Club’s logos for advertising or publicity for my business?