When will I know if my street/neighborhood will be impacted by U.S. Open traffic?

To further discourage and prevent fans and attendees from taking parking matters into their own hands (attempting to park as close as possible) and causing unwarranted congestion and safety issues in the local area, the USGA, The Country Club, and Town of Brookline have developed a comprehensive plan that identifies the neighborhoods that will be impacted the most by the championship and require further access control, otherwise referred to as “limited access” areas.

Residents who live within the predetermined limited access areas (as depicted in the yellow shaded areas below) will be provided with resident and resident guest parking hangtags that will identify you as a resident of the neighborhood and grant you access to come and go freely throughout championship week. Residents and their guests will be instructed to place the hangtags on the rearview mirror which must be visible when approaching the respective law enforcement traffic control point. Further information on physical distribution and obtaining additional resident and/or resident guest parking hangtags will be made available in the Spring of 2022.

A map showing limited access areas in neighborhoods near The Country Club

*There is no general U.S. Open fan parking in the immediate vicinity of The Country Club and all nearby street parking will be enforceable in accordance with prevailing Brookline ordinances and regulations. All other U.S. Open parking is by permit and parking pass only.

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