Ride Share

U.S. Open Championship Ride Share will only be allowed at the designated area at Larz Anderson Park and as depicted by the yellow stars below. There is no parking or staging for vehicles, so pickup times will need to be coordinated accordingly. Vehicles proceeding to the ride share location will be instructed to follow directional signs and parking attendants to the appropriate pick-up and drop-off location. Due to traffic restrictions, access is limited to vehicles no larger than a 12-passenger van or limousine. Ride share vehicles are not permitted to pick-up or drop-off at any other location around the championship grounds.

U.S. Open Ride Share Map*The yellow stars above depict the ride share drop-off/pick-up location. The yellow dotted line depicts the pedestrian walk-path to/from The Country Club and the Larz Anderson Park ride share location. The purple arrows depict the one-way traffic pattern that will be enforced (vehicles must enter the Larz Anderson Park ride share area via Avon Street and exit onto Newton Street). Parking services and attendants will be prominent in and around Larz Anderson Park to help control traffic flow and ensure a smooth ride share operation.

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