Fans who wish to ride their bike to the championship will be able to do so following the guidelines of the limited access plan to be implemented in the immediate vicinity of The Country Club. Bike racks will be provided at Larz Anderson Park and Pine Manor College  to secure bikes.  Owners will be responsible for the security of their bicycles.

Non-championship affiliated cyclists are encouraged to follow the bicycle routing plan that is in place surrounding The Country Club and championship grounds and further defined below in the graphics for Clyde Street, Lee Street, Newton Street, and neighborhoods south of Newton Street.

U.S. Open 2022 Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths

U.S. Open 2022 Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths

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1. What is the philosophical approach to the 2022 U.S. Open parking & transportation plan?
2. Will there be road closures and modified traffic patterns?
3. Will there be an alternate commuter routing plan in place to keep day-to-day commuters away?
4. When will I know if my street/neighborhood will be impacted by U.S. Open traffic?
5. Will public services, school buses, mail & package delivery, etc. be impacted by the Limited Access Plan?
6. Will I be able to walk to the championship if I live close by?
7. MBTA / Mass Transit
8. Ride Share
9. General Parking Information
10. Bicycles
11. Services for Fans with Disabilities