Am I allowed to bring a Mobile Device to the U.S. Open?

The USGA encourages fans to capture their favorite moments at the U.S. Open Championships and stay connected with family and friends while on site. The USGA will set guidelines on mobile device usage to ensure our players and other fans are not distracted or disrupted during the championship. Fans may carry mobile devices smaller than 7” in length and/or height; however, all device volume controls should be set to “silent” or “vibrate” and flash photography should be disabled prior to entering the championship gate. Phone calls must not be received or placed in any area that may disrupt play including grandstands. Photography, video and audio recording are permitted throughout the course, but content must not be used for commercial purposes. Live streaming or shot-by-shot coverage of any player (with or without video) is prohibited at all times.   

Conducting a global championship for the best golfers in the world is our primary focus. Violation of any of the above policies may result in immediate expulsion and loss of ticket privileges for the remainder of the championship. The USGA reserves the right to amend the Mobile Device Policy at any time.

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