When and how do I volunteer for the U.S. Open?

The USGA cannot conduct the U.S. Open Championship without the assistance of volunteers. The championship requires the support of over 3,200 volunteers participating on 17 different committees. Volunteer responsibilities range from tasks such as marshaling, hospitality services, merchandising, and spectator services. After registration began in April of 2022, the volunteer program quickly hit a waitlist. To learn more and add your name to that waitlist, please visit the 2022 U.S. Open volunteer site (usga.org/2022usovolunteers) for more information.

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1. When and how do I volunteer for the U.S. Open?
2. Was there an advance or priority program established for Brookline residents to volunteer?
3. Why does it cost money to be a volunteer?
4. What does the volunteer apparel package consist of?
5. What is the time commitment for volunteering? What is the volunteer timeline moving forward?
6. Can I be scheduled at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?
7. If I am no longer able to volunteer, may I receive a refund?
8. Do volunteers receive a family/friend ticket with their volunteer credential?
9. Will volunteers be able to leave feedback once the championship has concluded?