Why does it cost money to be a volunteer?

As is the case with most major golf events, there is a fee associated with the volunteer package. The cost of the 2022 U.S. Open volunteer package is $244.45. The cost of the volunteer package includes the actual price of the apparel designed specifically for the 2022 U.S. Open volunteer program, meal vouchers for each volunteer shift, access to the Volunteer Hospitality tent and other amenities during the championship, and a volunteer credential valid for all seven (7) days of the championship. The fee does prove to be a worthwhile investment for someone who is not only interested in participating as a volunteer but also wishes to attend the championship on a daily basis. The volunteer credential will serve as a ticket for admissions any day of the championship regardless of whether the volunteer is assigned a volunteer shift. Volunteer credentials are non-transferrable and are only intended for the volunteer that has registered with the USGA.

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3. Why does it cost money to be a volunteer?
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