Has there been a study on the cost of renovation vs rebuilding the firehouses?
  1. The quick answer is yes. We opted to renovate because we are under multiple constraints when it comes to rebuilding. Station 4 on Boylston St. @ Reservoir St and Station 6 on Hammond St. are sound buildings on larger lots and are deemed well suited for effective renovation.
  2. Two of our stations, Station 1 in Brookline Village and Station 7 @ Washington Sq. are on the National Historical Register and thus we would be unable to demolish and rebuild on site. Even if we could, the lots are too small for rebuild. 
  3. If we decided to abandon the two historic buildings altogether and look elsewhere, there are no available lots within the district which to relocate that would be affordable or meet response time needs. 
  4. Alternatively taking property by eminent domain is a lengthy, often contentious, and expensive process. That said, we are open to relocating Station 7 if something were to become available. As such, we have pushed that renovation out to the last to have time to explore options

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1. Why do we need to renovate or rebuild our fire stations?
2. Where can I find supporting documents for this project and who has reviewed them for the Town?
3. Who was involved in preparing the plans/estimates?
4. Has project planning progressed to a point that we have a reasonable level of confidence that the anticipated project budgets are accurate?
5. Have the plans been independently vetted by anyone not directly connected to the projects?
6. Has there been a study on the cost of renovation vs rebuilding the firehouses?
7. I have heard talk about $82-$85 million as a price.