I have heard talk about $82-$85 million as a price.
  1. As a result of discussions with the Select Board appointed Zero Emissions Advisory Board (ZEAB) We are exploring the future implementation of Electric Vehicles (EV) for the Fire Department fleet. We had a preliminary discussion with GGD regarding infrastructure costs associated with that concept.  A non-vetted figure of 3x the cost of the vehicle was discussed (an estimate that came solely from a sales rep), approximately $18 million. This is where the additional dollar figures come from. 
  2. This initiative is NOT included as part of this debt exclusion for multiple reasons:
    1. The EV initiative is outside the scope of this project, which focuses on equity, firefighter health and code compliance issues. 
    2. The EV project must be part of a Town-wide initiative to include State and Federal funding opportunities.
    3. The infrastructure necessary to accommodate full EV is not yet fully understood. There must be a full analysis of the Town’s total electric grid capacity, including sub-stations, transformers, generators and in-station electrical services.

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1. Why do we need to renovate or rebuild our fire stations?
2. Where can I find supporting documents for this project and who has reviewed them for the Town?
3. Who was involved in preparing the plans/estimates?
4. Has project planning progressed to a point that we have a reasonable level of confidence that the anticipated project budgets are accurate?
5. Have the plans been independently vetted by anyone not directly connected to the projects?
6. Has there been a study on the cost of renovation vs rebuilding the firehouses?
7. I have heard talk about $82-$85 million as a price.