What are the standard cab rates in Brookline?

All taxi rides within the Town of Brookline are at a metered rate that is displayed on a Rate of Fare Card in the taxicab. It is $1.50 for the first 1/8 mile and then $.40 for each 1/8 mile. This means it costs $2.70 for the first 1/2 mile. There is also an idling time clock in the meter that amounts to $24 per hour of waiting time. All cabs have meters and passengers should insist on a receipt that indicates the taxi company name, driver's name, taxicab vehicle number, the total amount paid, and the date of payment. The Town of Brookline has also adopted a set of flat rate fares for destinations located outside of Brookline, available at this link: Taxicab fixed rate fare handbook. You can also contact the DPW's Engineering and Transportation Division at 617-730-2177.

If a cab driver says they do not have a receipt, you should take down the cab number, the date and the time and report it to the Brookline Police Department Hackney Officer at 617-730-2230. Passenger complaints can also be reported using the taxi cab comment card that must be available in each cab.

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1. What are the standard cab rates in Brookline?
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