What does the application process look like?

If you are interested in the Front Yard Tree Planting Program, we ask that you please fill out a Front Yard Tree Application. You can either apply online, or you can download a hard copy of the application and return it to:

Tom Brady, Tree Warden
Brookline Parks and Open Space Division
333 Washington Street
Brookline, MA 02445 

Or via email to [email protected] 

Once you have submitted the application, a member of the Tree Planting Committee will contact you to review the site and discuss any species preferences you may have. The Tree Planting Committee and Tree Warden will review your request at their upcoming quarterly Tree Planting Committee meeting. If the proposed site appears suitable for tree planting, you will be asked to complete a Front Yard Tree Planting Program Agreement. The Town will then contact DigSafe to conduct an assessment and ensure that there are no underground utilities in the proposed location.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, and planting typically takes place in Spring (April – June) and Fall (September – November). The planting schedule is dependent on seasonal conditions, crew schedule, and plant availability.

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