What is an operating override?

An operating override is a voter-approved measure to increase property taxes beyond the state-imposed levy limit, which is ordinarily capped at 2.5% of the prior year’s limit, plus a dollar amount derived from the value of new construction and other growth in the local tax base since the previous year called “new growth.”

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1. What is an operating override?
2. How does an override differ from a debt exclusion?
3. How much additional funding does the Town want in the override?
4. How much additional funding does the Public Schools of Brookline (PSB) want in the override?
5. Are there other override proposals on the ballot?
6. What about debt exclusions?
7. How much will the override and/or debt exclusion increase my property taxes?
8. Why is an override needed?
9. What is Brookline doing to assist senior citizens or residents on a fixed income?
10. How does Brookline compare with other communities’ tax bills?