Are there any special options for senior citizens?
Yes. The Brookline Elder Taxi System (BETS), sponsored by the Brookline Council on Aging as well as Brookline's taxi companies, is a cab discount program that allows eligible seniors to buy coupon books worth $10 in cab rides for just $5, or half price.

To be eligible, you must be a Brookline resident over 60 years old with an annual income of up to $40,800 for individuals or $46,650 for couples. You may buy up to 5 coupon books a month, with 1 month's supply of booklets refundable for up to 6 months after purchase.

These coupons are the equivalent of cash, and no Brookline licensed cab can refuse to take a coupon. Do not tell the driver you have coupons; simply pay him at the end of the ride. For a BETS application, call the Council on Aging at 617-730-2777 or visit the Senior Center for additional information.

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