Where can I park if I work in Brookline?

In the Coolidge Corner area, there are 11-hour parking meters which cost 50 cents per hour. These meters are located on the Beacon Street median between 1443 Beacon Street and 1601 Beacon Street.

Limited commercial permit parking is also available in the Centre Street West and John Street municipal lots located in Coolidge Corner. Permits can be purchased from the Town of Brookline at the cost of $100 per month. The Centre Street West parking lot is not available to permit holders on Thursday when the farmers market is in session.

Commercial permits are also available for $25 per year for local merchants in the Brookline Village area. This permit allows the holder to park on Kent Street at designated meters which cost 25 cents per hour.

Commercial on-street permits are also available and allow you to park your vehicle on a designated residential side street within 1/4 mile of the commercial district. The cost is $600 per year.

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