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Griggs Park


  1. Basketball Courts
  2. Benches/Seating
  3. Green Dog Park
  4. Playground
  5. Walkway/Paths/Trails

About the Park

Griggs Park is located on a former wetland, in an enclave surrounded by houses and apartment buildings. Willow trees line the circular park. A memorial garden overlooks the wetland. The vegetated central portion attracts birds. The pathway is circular, rounding a collection of trees and vegetation situated next to the former wetland in the middle of the park. The trees blocking the cross view of the park, combined with the meandering pathway, render a more spacious effect than many other parks. Facilities include a paved path and playground.

Park History

The town acquired the park land in parts between 1901 and 1905 although the earliest plan exists from 1897. It was developed as a playground in 1903. The renovation in 1997- 98 addressed the drainage problem, added new plantings, and improved the pathways and sitting areas. A park neighbor donated the benches.

Deed / Title / Restrictions

The town purchased 8,471 square feet of the property from Lewis Conant and Carrie Conant, 5,221 square feet from Samuel Williams, 16,464 square feet from Mary Russell, and 1,652 square feet from Johns Parsons in 1901. There were no known restrictions on these lands. In the same year, Thomas Griggs transferred 2 parcels to the town, 90,660 square feet with no restrictions and 23,600 square feet to be used only as a public park and playground for at least 10 years. Deed research conducted in 1960, found Griggs to have donated 182,235 square feet of land with a portion taken for Griggs Street and Marion Path. The deeds from research conducted in 2003 showed a total of 151,014 square feet. The remaining size discrepancy is most likely due to a missing deed from a large portion of land from F. Haven. The town acquired additional 2,473 square feet from William Miller in 1903, and another 2,473 square feet from Carrie Burton Jr. in 1905 for $370.95.


  • Size: 3.34 acres
  • Protection: Article 97, National Register eligible
  • Precinct: 10
  • Inventory Date: October 27, 2004, revised February 1, 2005 and August 15th, 2018
  • Vicinity: Half a block away from Washington Street