Green Dog ProgramThe Green Dog Program is an innovative approach to meeting our dogs' and dog owners' desire to have time off-leash, while sharing the spaces with other park users in our urban community. Brookline has 14 off-leash areas scattered across the town, with specific off-leash hours established by the Park and Recreation Commission.

Register & Renew Your License

Visit our Registration Information & Instructions page to register for a new license or renew your old one.

Field Closure Information

We have a Green Dog hotline, which you can call 24 hours a day to find out if fields are closed due to wet conditions or for other reasons. The Green Dog hotline is 617-879-4850.

You can also check the field closure calendar for updated field closure information due to inclement weather or scheduled / permitted use by other groups.


The Park and Recreation Commission has the authority to temporarily or permanently close, or modify the boundaries of off-leash areas for any reason including the following: environmental damage, failure to comply with rules and regulations, public health or safety, or serious unanticipated problems affecting other park users. Violators are subject to incremental fines, removal from the off-leash area, and suspension or forfeiture of off-leash privileges.

Reporting a Violation

The Brookline Police Department / Animal Control is responsible for enforcement of town by-laws and park regulations regarding dogs. To report violations, call 617-730-2222.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the Parks and Open Space Division with any questions at 617-879-5650 or by email at [email protected].

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Green Dog Park Map (PDF)

Green Dog Map

Green Dog Brochure (PDF)

Green Dog Brochure