Council on Aging


93 Winchester St.
Brookline, MA 02446



Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
and occasional evening and weekend hours

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dobek, Ruthann (she/her/hers) Director 617-730-2777  
Allen, Michael (he/him/his) HELP Program Counselor and Clinical Outreach Social Worker 617-730-2754  
Cordischi, Leanne (she/her/hers) Communications Specialist 617-438-1790  
Cosgrove-Deery, Maureen (she/her/hers) Newsletter Editor 617-730-2790  
Fine, Ken (he/him/his) Tech Buddies Digital Navigator 617-3837525  
Foster, Maria (she/her/hers) Community Outreach Specialist 617-730-2644  
Graf, Valerie (she/her/hers) Volunteer Coordinator 617-730-2743  
Hassoon, Maryam (she/her/hers) Social Worker 617-730-2765  
Jensen, Jamie (she/her/hers) Program Manager 617-730-2753  
Johnston , Courtney (she/her/hers) Fitness Center Coordinator 617.730.2106  
Johnson, Serena (she/her/hers) Administrative Assistant 617-730-2759  
Lacy, Paul (he/him/his) Custodian 617-730-2742  
McClean, Katie (she/her/hers) HELP Program Coordinator 617-730-2755  
McDermott Welch, Conor (he/him/his) Social Worker 617-730-2751  
Milley-Gee, Jessica (she/her/hers) Administrative Assistant 617-730-2759  
Monteiro, Agilio (he/him/his) Elderbus Driver 617-730-2750  
Sandalow, Sharon (she/her/hers) Social Worker 617-730-2769  
Shaw, Michael (he/him/his) Van Driver   617-730-2750  
Sliwa, Olga (she/her/hers) Social Worker 617-730-2768  
Tapia, Giovanna (she/her/hers) Spanish Immersion Program Coordinator 617-953-7016  
Tong, James (he/him/his) Custodian 617-730-2742  
Washburn, Julie (she/her/hers) Supervisor of Services & Operations 617-730-2760  
Wong, Sonia (she/her/hers) Administrative Assistant 617-730-2774