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Coolidge Playground


  1. Basketball Courts
  2. Benches/Seating
  3. Green Dog Park
  4. Pickleball
  5. Playground
  6. SplashPad/Water Play Area
  7. Tennis Courts
  8. Walkway/Paths/Trails


The playground has a meadow area and a grove of mature trees. Park recreational facilities include tot's and older children's play area, spray pool, tennis court, basketball court, and an open lawn area.

Park History

After the town acquired the property in 1905, it made arrangements to fill it with material from the excavations of the high-level sewer built by the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board. The playground was improved and developed in 1965 to 1966 with designs from the Olmsted firm. The town renovated the park in 1990 with funds from the Community Development Block Grant, adding 2 play structures and edge landscaping, relocating the playground entrance; and relocating the basketball court to the opposite side of the path. The town updated the park again with new play structures, pedestrian scale lighting, and improvements to lawn, tennis courts, and pathways in 2004.

Deed / Title / Restrictions

The town purchased 18,690 square feet of the property from Henry S. Coolidge and 54,452 square feet from Henry, Ellen, and Walter Coolidge in 1905. The property was purchased to develop for park, playground, or public purposes only.

Additional Information

  • Category: Neighborhood Park
  • Size: 1.68 acres
  • Protection: Article 97
  • Manager: Brookline DPW, Parks and Open Space Division
  • Location: Columbia Street
  • Precinct: 5
  • Inventory Date: October 27, 2004, and revised in August 15, 2018.
  • Vicinity: Located in a single-family and multifamily neighborhood