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Knyvet Square


  1. Benches/Seating
  2. Walkway/Paths/Trails


This is a formal park on a sloping lawn with geometric plantings. Diagonal paths beginning at each of the four corners of the park intersect in the middle, edged by regularly-spaced trees. There are three distinctive horizontal levels of vegetation: the upper layer of the deciduous trees, a middle layer of ornamental trees, and a lower level of evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

Park History:

Knyvet Square is part of four parcels of open space parks that were the brainchild of David Sears. He began buying land in 1818 in the area known as Longwood, stretching from the Charles River to the Muddy River. By the late 1840s, Sears began laying out streets, lots and four small parks. The heirs of David Sears gave all four squares to the Town in 1902-1903 to be reserved for park purposes.

In 1961, lights were installed and paths were resurfaced. In 1963, an underground irrigation system was installed, and flowering trees were added around 1975. The Community Development Block Grant funded the 1995 renovation. The major elements of the 1995 renovation were safety related and included repaving of all the walks, removal of dead and dangerous wood from the large trees, and replacement of some flowering trees at the end of their life. Stumps left from recently removed trees were taken out, the area was regraded, drainage was improved, and new landscaping and lighting were kept to a minimum.


Francis Shaw, heirs of David Sears, transferred the property to the Town with the stipulation that "the parcels of land...shall be laid out...as public parks...and shall never be used for the purpose of a playground, as distinguished from a public park."

Additional Information:

Category: Passive Parks
Size:  2.8 acres
Protection: Article 97
Manager: Brookline DPW, Parks and Open Space Division
Location: St. Paul and Amory Streets
Precinct: 1
Inventory Date:  10/12/04, revised 2/1/05
Vicinity: Surrounded by single-family houses and apartment building parking lot..