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Linden Square


  1. Benches/Seating
  2. Walkway/Paths/Trails


Linden Square has benches and fences, but no picnic tables. Compared to Linden Park, the trees of the Square have more presence and are more mature. There is a clear, central focal point created by a circular seating area with benches. There is considerably more lawn, but it is not in peak health and is not frequently used.

Park History:

The park property was originally 1.5 feet below the surrounding streets. It was filled and curbstones set around. There were 28 feet diagonal walks across; the remainder was either grass or shrubbery. Linden Square remained connected with the Davis house. At the April 1, 1895 Town Meeting, the Park Commissioners were authorized to accept this gift of land known as the ³horseshoe lot². This square shares its history with Linden Park. The square is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


The Town acquired the property from Leonard Stone & Mary G. Stone in 1895 with the stipulation that it "shall remain as a public ornamental open space or park." It is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.

Additional Information:
Category: Passive Parks
Size:  0.19 acres
Protection: Article 97, NR, SR
Manager: Brookline DPW, Parks and Open Space Division
Location: Linden Place
Precinct: 4
Inventory Date:  10/26/04, revised 2/1/05
Vicinity: In a residential neighborhood.