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Old Burying Ground


  1. Cemetery
  2. Walkway/Paths/Trails


  • Size: 1.54 acres
  • Protection: None
  • Precinct: 15
  • Inventory Date: None
  • Vicinity: Near Route 9, surrounded by a mix of both residential and commercial buildings

Park History

Brookline's 1st cemetery was consecrated in 1717. Many past prominent citizens of the town are buried here.

The Old Burying Ground, also known as Walnut Street Cemetery, dates to 1717 but its appearance today reflects the ideals of the 19th century rural cemetery movement. Dramatic topography is concealed behind stone walls on this relatively small site. A narrow valley separates 2 hillocks with rows of vaulted mound tombs. Located at the eastern end of the town Green Historic District at the corner of Walnut Street and Chestnut Road, the cemetery is no longer active, although the last internment was in 1995.